I am a CSE PhD student at UC San Diego, advised by Prof. Julian McAuley. I graduated from Fudan University in 2019, where my education track is Data Science.

My research interests are Data Mining and Computer Vision, especially applying data-driven approaches to analyze graph, textual and visual data from social media, to make unstructured multimedia data understood and retrieved well. I have contributed to many works for this goal, and let's expect the future works!

Here is my Curriculum Vitae (English, Chinese).


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, UC San Diego, 2019 - now
  • B.S. in Computer Science ( Data Science track ), Fudan University, 2015 - 2019
  • Exchange Student, National University of Singapore, 2017.07 - 2017.12

  • [2019-09-15] Start my new research life at UCSD advised by Prof. Julian McAuley.
  • [2019-07-15] Graduate Prize Fellowships from HDSI.
  • [2019-07-01] Cong! Graduated from Fudan Univ. with Top1 GPA in Data Science.
  • [2018-11-30] Student Travel Award from AAAI 2019! See you in Hawaii!
  • [2018-11-28] Joined Nvidia, Shanghai as AI Intern for 6 months!
  • [2018-11-06] Our work in UIUC submitted to WWW 2019.
  • [2018-11-01] Cong! One paper accepted by AAAI 2019, code coming soon!

  • Artificial Intelligence Intern, Nvidia, Shanghai, 2018.11 - 2019.07
  • Research Intern, Forward Data Lab, UIUC, Champaign-Urbana, 2018.07 - 2019.03
  • Research Assistant, BigVid Lab, FDU, Shanghai, 2018.02 - 2018.05
  • Algorithms Intern, Citory Ltd., Shanghai, 2017.12 - 2018.02
  • Research Assistant, LMS Lab, NUS, Singapore, 2017.08 - 2018.01

    The website theme is co-designed and shared with my darling Shihan Ran (falling in love for days). We were insipred by the layout of Prof. Zhang's homepage. Moreover, the color design of my website is referring to CS231n, which is a famous public course in Stanford by Prof. Fei-fei Li, as well as my first course about Deep Learning. Hope that we may start a great voyage, from here.